Parts Data Mapping, API Integration and Custom Development Solutions

for the automotive aftermarket


Data Preparation & Conversion for Aftermarket Standards.

Elcome offer automotive mapping and application data management services at many levels. From standardisation of a basic Excel spreadsheet to analysing several complex databases, we have the knowledge and skills to fulfil your requirements.

Our particular area of expertise is in both vehicle index mapping, and the formatting of application data for catalogue publishing platforms such as TecDoc (Ktype), Autocat v9 (MMI), AAIA (ACES/PIES), HaynesPro and online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay & Halfords.

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API Integration.

If you are looking to integrate your internal business systems, website or electronic catalogue, Elcome is the team to partner with. We offer a flexible approach to API integration, backed by a wealth of IT experience, enabling you to link your business data, such as product status, stock and whereabouts, along with sales and order information to your catalogue content, to deliver the most appropriate solution to support your needs.

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Professional Services.

We have the specialist technical knowledge and expertise in automotive, publishing and IT, that is worth its weight in gold. Over the years, we’ve never been shy of voicing our opinions and advising our customers, because we take the view that your success is our success.

So, if you’ve been tasked with running a project and need the benefit of our many years of experience in these areas, we can work in partnership with you, on an hourly, daily or project cost basis, depending on your needs.

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Custom Development.

We have an in-house development team, with a results-led approach, that can turn your business problem into a competitive advantage. We’ll work with you to develop a bespoke, custom solution that meets the requirements of your business.

Whether it’s creating a digital environment to speed up a manual process, enable multi-user functionality, set a consistent approach, control a massive data set or meet a security and encryption need, we use the latest technologies, and collaborate with you at every stage, to create a professional and robust software solution.

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