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The software solution that efficiently manages large amounts of evolving parts data for distribution to multiple outputs. Created by cataloguers for cataloguers.

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Maintain all your product properties in one place

Quick and easy maintenance of product and application information

Linking a part to build your catalogue has never been easier

Make edits and changes individually or in bulk

Distribute your data to multiple channels

At the click of a button, deliver product information wherever it needs to go.

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How Xchecker fits
within your workflow

Entity Index List

Describes the machine that your part fits. In automotive this is the vehicle i.e., Car, Van, Truck or Bus but this could also be Tractor, Boat, Lawn Mower, Engine, Axle, whatever type of unit your parts fit.

The index lists you store can be licensed from a third-party (such as TecDoc or AutoCat), or custom to you – after all, your team are the experts and know best how to catalogue your parts.

Your Products

Xchecker is a technical PIM, aimed squarely at mechanical, engineering and replacement part manufacturers.

The system enables you to store and manage all the relevant properties of your parts in the way your team understands them. Dimensions, materials, code numbers etc can all be set up in your preferred structure, then configured to export in the best format for the intended destination.

Combined with links to product-specific images in the accompanying Asset system, you can fully describe, compare and promote your parts in their best light.


An application linkage is the way part numbers are associated to the entity or machine that they are designed to fit.

Xchecker is purpose-built to enable the creation of application linkages in fine detail and at scale. Store tens of thousands of entities, along with the tens of thousands of parts that can be fitted to them, resulting in millions of individual application linkages.

The quality of your data is vital if being sent to a lookup-system and directly contributes to replacement parts sales, so it’s worth making sure the detail is right and you have access to it at all times.


Xchecker comes armed with a suite of standard reports that enables easy analysis of your parts data, entities and application linkages, providing insights and answers to common questions.

With a third-party index, the biggest question is that of coverage. Xchecker helps you see both coverage and gaps, so you can easily make changes and optimise your range development activity.

You can also run regular reports to track your team’s progress and provide ready-made KPI measurements in a repeatable and consistent manner and have custom reports built that allow you to really dig deep into your data and provide focus on vital elements.



Data in a system is all well and good, but it needs to be published where people can use it if it’s going to give you a return on your investment.

Elcome’s expertise is in taking the data you manage ONCE® and configuring it to multiple output standards. Third parties such as TecDoc or MAM Autocat, or websites and eCommerce platforms that all require unique formats and demand various minimum standards.

As long as the content of your data supports it, we can code Xchecker so that all necessary outputs are generated at the click of a button and delivered without fuss.

Xchecker Features.

  • Store all your product information inc specifications & link to associated images

    Store multiple entity types - cars, trucks, bikes, boats etc.

    Store & integrate purchased research data - such as VIO, Headline, OES, Competitor

    Manage multiple brands in one system

    Manage & track Supersessions

  • Make bulk changes and edits to your catalogue information

    Easy quick search facility

    Create catalogue linkages between products and entities

    Manage a flagship brand and update sub-brands automatically

    Create an entity hierarchy and flow application linkages down to lower level entities

    Intelligently match & update data from master source to other data standards

    Create & link kits

    Assign multiple assets to one part number

  • TecDoc


    Websites and e-Catalogues

    PDF and print catalogues

    Amazon/ebay etc

    Custom formats

  • Data quality, validation & error reports

    Range coverage reports

    Gaps analysis

    Custom reports can also be configured

  • Marketing systems for selling parts

    Logistics systems for stock and availability status

    Sales and Accounts packages for pricing and customer info

    eCommerce and basket systems

Xchecker powers


Global Automotive Brands.

20 years

Aftermarket Experience.
Auto Parts Catalog Database Solutions
More than

152 million

linkages processed and submitted to TecDoc every year.
More than

60 million

applications submitted to Autocat every year.


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