Maintain your parts data ONCE, use it many times.

Efficiently manage large amounts of evolving parts data for multiple outputs.

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What is Xchecker?

Xchecker™ is a command centre for all your parts data management needs. A central hub enabling quick and easy maintenance of product and application information.

Created by cataloguers for cataloguers. 

Maintain your data ONCE and, at the click of a button, Xchecker can distribute your data to multiple channels and third-party systems including; TecDoc, ACES, Autocat v8, Amazon, eBay, Halfords and Haynes Pro, plus additional channels such as your own online catalogue and printed literature.

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Transforming car part data to compatible automotive outputs

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Eliminate task repetition and duplication of effort.


One source of truth for product and application information.


Drive more sales with high quality, consistent data.



Key Features

  • Manage component data for all products in one location
  • Catalogue Maintenance features provide total control of both part and application visibility
  • Assign multiple photographic images and PDF files to one part number
  • Configure and control data exported to industry indexes

Labour Saving Features

  • Parent>Child: Manage a flagship brand which in-turn manages sub-brands automatically
  • Ghosting:  intelligently match and update data from your master source to different aftermarket standards
  • Cascade: Create a category hierarchy, then flow updated content down through applications at the touch of a button
  • Leader>Follower: Connect Xchecker databases and manage them as one
  • Bulk Export/Import and Editing facilities: Download sections of your data to an excel file for easy manipulation, then import straight back in

Reporting Features

  • Maintain and view Cross References by OEM’s, Suppliers, Competitors and Customers
  • Detailed Gap Analysis reports can be run on Products, Vehicles, Cross References and Images, to help you maintain accuracy. You can even search the lifetime of a  vehicle to ensure associated parts coverage is accurate
  • Run Error Reports with hyperlinks to faults so you can evaluate, check and amend quickly and efficiently
  • The Advanced Reporting suite can also be customised to regenerate or run preferred reports, and create an archive


The Elcome Difference.

Compliant to TecDoc, MAM, Autocat V8 and ACES standards

Easy to adopt and use, the system is intuitive and process driven, structured to help you manage daily tasks with ease

Data quality checks run automatically every night

Easy to manage, our Administration interface gives you full control over managing user profiles and controlling access to data maintenance and visibility 

System can be configured and customised to meet your needs

Free introductory training for every user, plus additional Intermediate and Advanced training available to ensure optimal system use


Store confidential business data securely

Dedicated Elcome Account Manager, plus complete User Documentation and Technical Help line to support you

Robust recovery protocols, enabling data to be restored to last save point, and nightly back-ups provided as standard

Xchecker powers


Global Automotive Brands.

20 years

Aftermarket Experience.
Auto Parts Catalog Database Solutions
More than

152 million

linkages processed and submitted to TecDoc every year.
More than

60 million

applications submitted to Autocat every year.


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