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In our industry, new product introduction never stops, and informing customers of a new part is vital to ensure your product gets stocked and sold.

A product bulletin is an essential marketing tool for generating this kind of awareness. But too often, due to the volume of new products, creation of this marketing material either takes up a lot of resource or, is considered too time-consuming and costly to produce.

Systemise the entire process with Bulletin™ and produce up-to-date, accurate and consistent product information.

Bulletin™ makes it quick, easy and cost-effective to create professional new product PDF announcements, and distribute them via email, to your customers and internal audiences.

Best of all, Bulletin has an intelligent function that will automatically generate and circulate your documents, based on your own set of alerts and triggers, to automate the entire process, leaving you free to concentrate on other business tasks.



  • Keep your customers informed with timely, accurate & consistent information
  • Systemise the entire PDF product bulletin creation process
  • Distribute with ease  and efficiency both internally and externally
  • Save time and resources
  • Create a robust marketing communications plan
  • Provides the flexibility to publish what you want and when
  • Improves collaboration between sales organisations/departments
  • Give your Sales team a reason to make that call/book a meeting


Intelligent functionality automatically produces and distributes bulletins without the need for manual intervention

Store as many templates as you need, all built and designed to your specific branding requirements

Store and manage distribution lists so the right people, get the right message at the right time


Extra Features.

  • Select specific content for each product type
  • Edit templates to add short codes
  • Build criteria, OE xrefs, competitor and buyers guide sections
  • Ability to filter criteria values
  • Multiple sales organisation/warehouse set-up
  • Link to other systems within your organisation (via API's)
  • Configure languges and regions with sales organisations
  • Control access and distribution by location, languages and brands

The Elcome Difference.

Full admin control, to create user and permission groups

Free introductory training for all administrators

System can be configured, customised and branded for your business

Dedicated Elcome Account Manager, plus, complete User Documentation and Technical Help Line for support

Accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world


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