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As a result of the pandemic we're experiencing changes in the way we work. Xchecker provides the flexibility for you and your team to manage your parts catalogue from wherever you want.

The long-lasting effects of the pandemic on our professional lives have yet to be fully realised but we are already experiencing changes, and this is especially true in relation to our work environment. According to Deloitte's European Workforce Study, 62% of employees expect to work more from home in the future.

So, if your Product or Category team are still attempting to maintain product data across multiple spreadsheets or struggling with an outdated legacy system, then it's time to consider Xchecker.

Xchecker is the parts data management solution that provides flexibility for you and/or your team to manage your entire product range from any location, wherever you choose. It creates a single source of truth for parts and application data that enables you to:

  • Catalogue and create linkages to your preferred vehicle index.
  • Easily identify and correct gaps in your data.
  • Output to multiple digital channels and online look-up systems.

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