Go For It Kirstie!

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Our very own Marketing Assistant, Kirstie will be running the London Marathon this weekend for a great cause.

Kirstie is raising money for www.doingitfordan.co.uk.

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We asked Kirstie what she learnt, whilst training for the Marathon:
1.       Running distances such as 25k (16miles), and 32k (20miles) alone are long, painful and HARD!.
2.       Running is certainly 95% head and 5% legs - and my legs have not been happy with me for a long time now.
3.       I’m comfortable until mile 16 (25k), and then I want to go home.
4.       I've learnt how to refuel myself using jelly babies and gels without feeling sick.
5.       I've learnt all the runners 'lingo' including words like 'splits', 'tempo runs', 'the wall (between mile 19 and 26)', 'Garmin' and 'Chip time'
6.       The longest mile in a long run are the last three - they literally last 568 hours.
7.       Marathon training is a 'challenge' and I am now officially 'marannoyed' at talking about it, training for it, thinking about it, fundraising for it and getting up at 5am most mornings to go and practice it.
8.       Planning for Marathon 2 is not happening! Too hard, too time consuming and too painful! I have however, got the running bug, so half marathons will be my thing.
9.       Failure is not an option, the goal is to complete it in under 4 hours. I’m getting that Virgin London Marathon Medal even if it kills me!

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