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XChecker readies itself to improve MAM catalogue

Elcome’s continuing drive to support high quality data on MAM’s market leading Autocat+ catalogue will bear fruit this week with the release of the first phase of XChecker’s new Autocat+ Readiness Centre (ARC).
The feature will be located within XChecker's Analyse Data area and is aimed at informing users of specific Autocat+ data issues, in order to help them understand problem causes and potentially improve VRM lookups, reduce product choices and maximise UK parc coverage.
This first phase of the development focusses mainly on parts that fail to export from XChecker to MAM as this is the most frequent type of query we receive.
In addition to parts being excluded completely, MAM have rules around various aspects of the display of data in Autocat+. Currently these rules pertain to mandatory fields that must be populated to ensure legibility on-screen and keep the system’s UK-specific relevance. The initial release of ARC will feature reports that highlight these.
The ARC feature will be automatically available to XChecker users within the "Administrator" and "Analyse Data" permissions groups. Reports can be run on demand, and in the future on a daily schedule, and the number and depth of reports will be expanded over the coming months to cover more detail including V8-specific elements which may require additional research to complete.