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XChecker Training Pathway

As previously communicated, Elcome is investing in expanding its popular XChecker training programme into new areas to reflect the increasing sophistication and capability of the system. The plan will see a 3-tier training pathway put in place, starting at a basic functional level, progressing through making the most of the many XChecker functions to get the best out of your catalogue data and ending up at a supervisory level where users can take on board more of the management of the system as well as other users.

'Introduction’ is a formalised and updated version of the training that has traditionally been provided for companies or personnel who are new to the system and will focus on getting people used to the functions in the system.

The ‘Principles’ course is a deeper, more detailed training session for experienced users with attention being paid to organising the criteria and data content required to give the best results when published. This second stage course will also include review of labour-saving functions in XChecker and a tour of the analysis and reporting suites available.

The ‘Certified Supervisor’ stage is the level we want serious catalogue and data managers to aspire to. It will cover system administration, implementing consistency rules, encouraging efficient working practices in other users and measuring catalogue quality.

If you would like to organise a training session for your team or yourself, please talk to your Elcome Business Development Manager.