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XChecker 3.1 improvements

Over the last few weeks XChecker 3.1 has been updated with some useful features we'd like to tell you more about.

Getting a clearer view in Bulk Export Applications
In Maintain Data > Bulk Data Export, the Catalogue Information (applications) export has always included some product detail for reference, such as product criteria. We've now added in Part Status so you can get a better idea of your products' state.
Note this is still only for reference - you can change product specifics within the Product Information bulk export.

Controlling your Part Statuses
Users with Admin rights can now manage product statuses and whether they are exported from XChecker, in Manage > Administration > Manage Product Status > Manage XChecker Product Status.
Here you can see and edit checkmarks in column "Export to MAM and Core Data". When checked, the associated part status (labelled as Live Description) will be included in Automate and Core Data exports, and excluded if unchecked. Checkmarks can be edited by using the pencil/page icon on each row.
Please take care to consider outcomes when switching statuses on and off, as they have a significant impact on your Automate and Core Data export content.

Seeing Parent/Child relationships
Parent/Child is an XChecker feature where "Parent" parts provide applications for "Child" brand part equivalents. Parent/Child has been implemented in various ways for clients, but Elcome are now moving towards a better-supported XChecker standard. For clients configured to this new standard, there is now improved visibility of Parent/Child relations in Maintain Data > Product Information.
When viewing a Parent part a list of links to Child parts appears onscreen, and vice versa. These links will help you analyse and maintain your data more easily.

If you would like more information on these features, please contact Elcome Support: support@elcome.ltd.uk