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Some Ultra-positive customer feedback…

Elcome has been working on catalogue data projects for Ultra-Parts Ltd for over ten years but the relationship recently stepped up a notch and Managing Director at Ulta-Parts Ltd, Grahame Rowley explains the background:
“We fell into a trap years ago where we spent tens of thousands of pounds on a website and electronic catalogue, only to be told two years later that modern operating systems had changed and that all our data had to be converted to a newer format. By dealing with Elcome we don’t have to worry about the technical side as it is all managed under the latest technology. Similarly we don’t have to worry about updating ACTIVANT and MAM systems as it is all done for us.
The Elcome XChecker system allows us to manage our catalogues from our own offices where we can make data changes, add new models and part numbers, add pictorial images and so on and -importantly - guarantee that all national databases are updated on an ongoing basis.
We recently commissioned Elcome to freshen up our old website including a complete new look with VRM lookup, images of products , technical information add-ons and google map stockists list etc. We were more than pleased with the costings and Elcome offered various choices of design and format suggestions with no hard sell.
We are now proud to tell customers to use the website and our sales have increased appreciably without added stress within the sales office. Ulta-Parts Ltd have no hesitation in recommending our friends in Swindon to anyone wanting electronic catalogues however big or small.”

GRAHAME ROWLEY    ( Managing Director )