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Elcome invests more in XChecker Training

As XChecker has grown over the years, the requirement for training has grown in tandem, both in scope because of the increasingly broad range of functions to cover and in numbers due to the flourishing band of users out there. In order to keep improving its training offer, Elcome is investing in two ways in this important area:

First comes an up-grade of the training room, which has been re-modelled with XChecker Training sessions in mind. Delegates will now be catered for in a quiet room separate from the busy Elcome office with drinks and biscuits on hand at all times. There is a wall-sized screen projection for group explanations and some separate PCs for break-out and practical sessions. Each delegate will be provided with a package including a training manual, XChecker pen and paper plus an Elcome coffee mug to take home with them as well as the all-important Certificate of Achievement.

The second area of investment is the extension of XChecker training into a 3 stage programme providing a pathway taking users towards Supervisor status. The programme will comprise of the following levels:

1.       Introduction to XChecker

2.       XChecker and Good Catalogue Principles

3.       Certified XChecker Supervisor

More information on the full XChecker Training pathway will follow in due course.