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Elcome’s innovative Image Manager tool just keeps on growing!

As part of our continuous improvement plan for this increasingly popular product, some cool new features have recently been added.
Managing Image Data
Enhanced Tag and Category management features have been introduced to provide users with greater control and flexibility on how to save, search for and export their images. Combined with an easy-to-use Admin suite, these developments make it much easier to organise the storage of non-Product images such as group shots, marketing photos and logos. While the live-link to XChecker provides the basic structure for your product images, using Tags as well can help to differentiate image types and themes so users find the right image first time.
Loading Images and Data
The bulk image upload function has been improved, as has the ability to add and amend descriptive data for the images you keep in your Image Manager. You can now download all the names, tags and attached detail for each of your stored images in an xls file and add new detail or amend existing detail as required before uploading the file back to the system. The function even includes an easy method of changing the actual file names, which is often important for export sets.
Bulk Downloading
This feature has also been revised, enabling what is downloaded to be chosen based on Tags and export settings previously defined. This gives users much more flexibility in what they can choose to download and makes it much quicker too.
We will continue to refine and grow Image Manager in line with Elcome’s ONCE™ principle – stay tuned for more news as it happens…