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Elcome is proud to be supporting Neil Grant and Spencer Grinham from Hella, as they prepare to take on an epic challenge by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of BEN, the charity dedicated to supporting people of the automotive industry.

The Industry Leader Challenge (ILC) is an annual challenge taken by a group of automotive industry leaders to fundraise for the charity ‘Ben’. Ben do great work within the automotive sector, supporting  employees and their families in a huge number of ways, when they need it most.
This year, Neil and Spencer, have put themselves forward to climb one of the world’s most iconic peaks - Mount Kilimanjaro - a total of 5,895 metres tall and the highest free-standing mountain on earth! The trip will take 9 days overall (and having been postponed due to Covid-19, is now due to take place in February 2022), with 6 days of climbing, 90km of extreme trekking, battling through freezing temperatures, high altitude, brutal ascents and severe weather conditions.

Elcome is pleased to be helping Neil and Spencer in their challenge, by joining other companies in sponsoring their summit flag. If you are interested in supporting this worthy cause, you can donate to this challenge via Neil and Spencer's donation platform.

Neil & Spencer's Fundraising Page


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