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Our best practice data management tips for leveraging your presence online and on 3rd-party platforms, such as Tecdoc and Autocat.

  • Store all your product information in one place.

    The first crucial step is to store all your product data in one location, making it easier to access, use and keep secure. With a single source of truth, you can be certain you are maintaining and updating the most current information. This also helps to reduce or eliminate task repetition and duplication.
  • Catalogue your data consistently.

    Discrepancies in your data will create inaccurate, unreliable datasets. Establish standardised product names, attributes and vehicle data that can be applied to your linkages.
  • Check your portfolio for gaps.

    An advanced cataloguing solution, like Xchecker, allows you to identify and fill your application and product property content gaps to maximise your coverage across vehicle indexes. The more complete your data, the more visibility you can expect.
  • Output in the correct format.

    Every 3rd-party platform has its own data quality standard. Before sending your data for publishing, check your data is structured in the correct format with the right level of information required by that destination.
  • Continuously update your information.

    The vehicle parc is constantly changing. Over time, if you do not maintain and update the product information published on a 3rd-party platform, your coverage will erode, resulting in lost opportunities for sales. For most aftermarket brands, a monthly update is usually sufficient, but this can vary depending on your product range. Whatever you choose, make sure you draw up a schedule to regularly update your information and stick to it!
If you're looking to advance your aftermarket digital strategy across 3rd-party platforms, or improve your own online catalogue, then talk to us about Xchecker, the cataloguing solution that helps you manage large amounts of evolving parts data for multiple outputs.

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