Is it time for a catalogue comeback?

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The printed catalogue was once an important part of every part suppliers exhibition arsenal, but are they still worthy of your budget?

Nothing makes more of a statement than a full rack of up-to-date catalogues on show but, in recent years; time, resources and cost have simply made them too impractical and uneconomic to produce.

Not any more! With Xchecker™ and Catalogue™ software, two modules from the ONCE® suite of solutions, you can produce print-ready artwork, highly customised catalogues or digital PDF editions, for all your product groups at the touch of a button. Our software makes the entire production process seamless and can generate a catalogue in as little as 15 minutes, rather than weeks!

Plus, we have access to suppliers who will accept print runs of 100 copies which look as good as a traditional litho print, but at a fraction of the cost.

Still not convinced? Here's a few more reasons why the modern printed catalogue still presents an opportunity to grab the attention of your buyers (just like they did in the 20th Century)!

4 Reasons Why Print Is Still Essential

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