Five Star Review from Comline and Motaquip

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Xchecker Introductory Training receives another glowing review from users, Angelika, Chris and Antoaneta.

ONCE Xchecker offers the most efficient and productive cataloging environment for Product Manager's in today's Automotive Aftermarket.

As part of our continuous commitment to our customers, we offer free introductory training to all users, ensuring they have both the knowledge and skills, to make optimum use of our parts cataloging software.

Our most recent graduates, Chris from Comline & Angelika and Antoaneta from Motaquip, all rated the course five stars, citing the catalog maintenance, bulk import/export and reporting tools amongst their favourite features.

If you're looking to make improvements to your product application data, gain better coverage and reduce your gaps, talk to Elcome about ONCE Xchecker.

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