How does your current e-catalogue measure up?

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Take a look at our essential guide to creating an effective Aftermarket eCat.

Design Considerations

  • Involve clear messaging and great visuals, to help strengthen your brand.
  • Be sure your catalogue is mobile optimised, so customers can access via any device.
  • Incorporate interactive search capabilities, such as VRN look-up, so the right products can be found quickly and efficiently.
  • Include the capability for customers to place orders and pay online.
  • High resolution product images are essential, accompanied with rich content and detailed product specifications.
  • Consider including other marketing related documents such as brochures, care information, consumer reports, assembly instructions and warranties.
  • If possible, use video to showcase the features and benefits of a product.

Content Management

One of the key benefits of an online catalogue is that it can be updated immediately so your customers are always seeing current prices and images, it is therefore essential your inventory is kept up to date.
  • Ensure new products are added, show when a product is out of stock, make changes to pricing and showcase promotions or put a product on sale.
  • To effectively manage your content, consider using data fed from a cataloguing management software tool, such as Xchecker™, to ensure your product information is consistent and accurate.
  • Investigate the viability of further API integrations that can link your catalogue to other systems within your business, such as stock or order information, to maximise efficiency.

Promote Promote Promote!

Online catalogues are far easier to promote, at a lower cost and to a wider audience, meaning you can reach more potential customers without spending too much effort and budget.
  • Use email newsletters to share your catalogue with your customer base.
  • Post links to your catalogue across social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  • If you use search-friendly product names, your online catalogue can also help leverage your SEO rankings, making it easier to be found in online searches.
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