ONCE® is now a registered trademark

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Elcome is pleased to announce that ONCE®, the name identified with the company’s flagship replacement parts cataloguing & publishing solution, is now a registered trademark in both UK and European territories.

ONCE® reflects both the product and the fundamental principle upon which all Elcome solutions are built, enabling work tasks to be maintained ONCE® and used many times, thus resulting in a better, more productive way of working for parts manufacturers and distributors.

Commenting on the confirmation of the registered trademark status Tim Entwistle, Managing Director of Elcome said,

“The philosophy of doing something once and using it many times is a powerful tool for business transformation. It’s what we as a company believe in and what we are known for. The registration of ONCE® as a trademark will protect our brand name & identity in the global parts replacement aftermarket and help us to deliver our distinctive message in the future”.

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