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Andy - Data

Having studied IT at college, I joined Elcome in 2016 to work as a Data Analyst and have recently been promoted to Technical Support. As part of the Data Team, my job involved taking customers data, which is received in various cataloguing formats, and loading it into our Xchecker software, to output globally from one central location.

I really enjoyed the problem solving element of my job, searching for a solution, or the answer to a problem. Seeing the final product work how the customer imagined is very rewarding. Elcome's a lovely place geographically to work, it's refreshing not being part of a concrete jungle, plus I like the sense of community and how we all come together to complete our tasks.


Georgia - Account Management

Before joining Elcome I’d worked for myself in a completely different role. I was looking for something more stable, that offered variety, rather than being in the same routine. That was back in 2016, and the company has taken me down a completely different route, in a completely different career that I enjoy – this is something I never would have imagined.

It’s nice when you sit down with a customer to show them the final product and you receive positive feedback from them and/or their team – that’s a great feeling. Plus, the customers we deal with all believe in what we do and what we believe as a company – that really does make working for Elcome worthwhile.

Cherlyn – Developer  

Elcome is the first company that I worked for in the UK after arriving from Singapore in 2007. At the time, I had planned on staying in the country for two years, but I am still here, at Elcome today! Part of the reason I found working here appealing was the location of the company. The view of the countryside from the office windows is spectacular.

As part of my Developer role in the Maintenance team, I carry out routine web application development and maintenance work, diagnose and troubleshoot users’ problems. The most rewarding thing of being a Developer is that you can create something that does not exist. I enjoy problem-solving, data analysis and being able to provide solutions for users’ problems. Most importantly, there is always something new to learn.

Being the only female Developer in a company might be a concern to some people, but it is not the case at Elcome. I always get the support I need from the company. Elcome is like one big family.


Ollie – Business Development

I’ve been working at Elcome since 2016 developing both new business with existing customers and ensuring that they use Elcome products to their best advantage, to maximise their resources and maintain a competitive edge in a demanding market.

Elcome is a developing business that has an exciting future ahead. It's great to work in a place where your voice is heard and there's a great team of people with a 'family' feel.

Kirstie - Marketing

I began working for Elcome back in 2004 as a Mac Operator/Artworker, specialising in layouts for printed catalogues. Over the years my role has evolved and I now work in the Marketing department, using my creative skills to design campaigns, work on social media, update the website and help organise promotional events.

My role is very varied, which I love because there’s always work to do, so I’m never bored. We work in a beautiful building, in lovely surroundings, and there’s a relaxed but productive atmosphere. It’s a good balance and Elcome always keep you involved in what is happening now, and what is planned for the future.

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