eCats are an important part of cataloguing, these online portals enable companies to instantly present their catalogue information in an easy to view structure utilising the latest data available

Designed to your Specifications

We provide bespoke Electronic Catalogues (eCats) designed to your specific requirements and brand guidelines, presented as either a stand-alone portal or integrated into your pre-existing website. Elcome have created eCats for some of the most influential and well-known power brands across the globe.

Additional Admin Control

There are mixed feelings surrounding the security of data and web content, therefore Elcome can provide the addition of an administration interface. This enables the control and management of all user activity giving you peace of mind. Including an Admin interface also enables you to review user activities, including what has been searched, by whom and how many results were returned.

Regular Data Feeds

The demand for up-to-date information is greater than ever and therefore it is vital to supply your eCat as often as possible. Our eCats often utilise XChecker™ data feeds and update routines can be built in with an refresh frequency to meet your cataloguing needs.

Flexible eCats

Every brand's eCat is different because it needs to reflect both the product peculiarities and the brand's strengths, but here are some examples of recent work we are proud of: